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Experience a natural amplification of your Bio-Field

and Life force Energy with the BioInnergizer



The BioInnergizer is an unprecedented, entirely self-powered device (or tool) that genuinely offers a “Healing” or energizing effect working from the most subtle level and then into the physical level of any living system.
It is an intentionally designed tool, adhering to true principles of Light Wave Dynamics and the principles underlying all of creation and nature.
The BioInnergizer “Interfaces” with the subtle Life Force Energy, that is ever-present, and then effectively “amplifies” the energy and directs it toward, or into, where it is placed, typically at a key energy input point or area on a human body.  This function results in a definite increase of what might be called Genero-Active Life Force Energy input into the body (Subtle to Physical) that has, among other things, a positive effect on overall Balance and a more healthy or optimal function of the entire life system.
The BioInnergizer is a thin card-like device that is a similar size as a credit card and is placed in a certain orientation toward a particular point on the body, generally an established Energy input point.
While there are many names for the various Energy Centers, or points, on the body, perhaps the most well known, overall, is the Dantian, also known as the Dantian Energy Center, from the Chinese Energy Healing tradition, though called various names in other traditions and cultures.

The effect is essentially instantaneous. All, or certainly the vast majority of, truly energy-sensitive people can, and do, “tune in” to the BioInnergizer within seconds. And depending on the person, and their level of awareness, describe a variety of functional effects.

While the effect is instantaneous, the observed effects will depend on the individual and their degree of sensitivity.
However, regardless of what is immediately noticed, the effects are instant and ongoing as long as the BioInnergizer is placed on the body.

Healing from the Inside Out  

What does the phrase “Healing from the Inside Out” mean, or refer to? Healing from the Inside Out, refers to, firstly, how all matter or Creation actually comes into existence, meaning that creation actually takes place from an inconceivably subtle level and then “builds” up into what we know as the “physical”. This entire process is guided by an Innate Fundamental Balance or Polarized LightWave Dynamics that “infiorms” the formation and maintenance of matter and living systems. The BioInnergizer, by “amplifying” this “Inner Energy” delivers the result of emphasizing the tendency toward Balance and proper function. In actual fact, ALL genuine healing does take place from the Inside Out.

Regeneration and Rejuvenation


Due to the energetic dynamics of the BioInnergizer, ALL cells and their genetic programs, such as stem cells, and more, are effectively receiving regenerative energy and as long os the BioInnergizer is worn at appropriate places on the body, this Inner Genera-Active emphasis will have a regenerative, so-called “Anti Aging” effect.

What is actually happening to the body while wearing the BioInnergizer?

All Living Organisms, regardless of size or type, are brought “into” Being, by a type of Intention. This Creative Intention (or a whole related “system” of intentions) leads to a subtle Light Body that also comprises an “Information Field”. It is this Light Body/Information Field that eventually becomes what is referred to by Molecular Genetics Science, or the various levels of understanding about what constitutes what we call “Life” and various specifics surrounding life.

The BioInnergizer effectively interfaces with a most subtle level of the actual Life Force Energy that is what “informs” life as we know it, and increases the General Preponderance of this Energy. This subtle energy then makes its way, or has a follow-on effect, into the physical cells. Among other things, this has the effect of “strengthening” or re-enforcing, the integrity and correct or optimal Genetic information Field Pattern, which has an effect fo Improving or optimizing the functions of all the cells and the various systems, organs or tissues.

The Best Locations for General Use


The BEST overall location to place the BioInnergizer is the main overall Energy Center, widely known as the Dantian “Energy Center”. Actually, there are three recognized Dantian Centers – The Lower, Middle and Upper. Generally, the Lower Dantian, located about 3 finger widths below the navel is the most appropriate center for most purposes.

When the BioInnergizer is properly oriented over the Lower Dantian Energy Center, then the Subtle Life Force Energy will “Flow” into the energy vortex transmission network, and then instantaneously flow into all of the cells of the body. As one continues to wear the BioInnergizer, then all of the various effects will be in motion, so to say, and the effects are cumulative.

Using A Second BioInnergizer

While a single BioInnergizer does work just fine, it is true that adding a second one does have many significant advantages. You can leave the first BioInnergizer over the Lower Dantian point, under the navel, and then place the second one over the Thymus or Heart area approximately in the middle of the chest. This significantly amplifies the overall effect and will accelerate healing and anti-aging. You can also move the second one to various areas that may need special focus and attention, such as over areas that are experiencing aches or pains. The BioInnergizer can significantly support a re-balancing effect that may result in a cessation of those effects. The body is healing itself and is supported to do so by the functions of the BioInnergizer.

The tangible effects that people

do notice may include:



Clarity – Of thought and vision

An Ability to “Tune Into” a deeper level of Inner Stillness
Immediate increase in optimization of nerve and muscle function, translating into more physical strength
Quicker and more conscious control over Muscle and Nerve Reflexes
Over time, a pronounced Anti-Aging effect of the entire body * (this is heavily dependent on Diet & Lifestyle)
Sensations due to improved Subtle Energy Circulation, leading to an increase in Physical Circulation
Groundedness, and a heightened sense of Balance
Increased overall Stamina, Energy and Stability
General support for Healing

Due to the need for various Detoxification in people, there can also be a supporting emphasis toward the body going into detox modes, which are temporary, but extremely helpful

Experience a natural amplification of your Bio-Field and Life force Energy with the BioInnergizer


What People Are Saying

“I have never felt better in my life. With BIO Innergizer, I can manage the pain in my body just by focusing my energy.”

Antonio Compbell

“I stand taller and have more energy in my everyday routine with my BIO Innergizer.”

Helena Smith

“The results are wonderful! The feeling of inner healing is amazing with my BIO Innergizer. I never leave home without it!”

Isabella Edwards

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